The name “Pragmademic Solutions”

“Pragmademic” is originally a portmanteau word suggested in 2014 by Estelle Clerc during a networking workshop run by Rudolf Klaus to describe the founder, who combines a rigoroulsy academic approach with a healthy dose of pragmatism in her search for concrete solutions.

The business

Pragmademic Solutions is a (very small) business that was created at the beginning of 2018 in order to help other small or very small businesses – craftworkers, liberal professions – as well as family caregivers or private individuals in general with some of the founder’s competences, typically in matters of analysis and organisation.

Our main goal is to enable our clients to concentrate on what really interests them – their core business, their daily life, some fun activities – by making it easier for them to manage their business or household documents – electronic or paper.

Beyond our focus on quality and reliability, three aspects of our work are of particular concern to us:

Confidentiality – when we help you organise and manage paper and electronic documents in your business, your household or the household of those you care for, we indeed “meddle with your stuff”. This cannot be avoided. Therefore our formal commitment to strict confidentiality is specified in our mandates’ general conditions (in French). Thus, what we see or hear at your place stays at your place. 

Efficiency – we deem ourselves to be efficient, and we want you to be too. Therefore, we focus on quick interventions and we adapt our schedule to yours. When we install an organisation kit for paper or e-documents at your place, we want you to be able to use it quickly and in full autonomy – in other words, efficiently! 

Sustainability – whenever possible and when you agree with it, we try to reuse your own material. When you prefer new material, we select sustainable supplies (recyclable ring binders, recycled paper, solvent-free adhesives, etc.).

The founder

With advanced academic training and years of experience in project managament (among others), Catherine Walther Green is both a specialist and your Swiss army knife… She can organise your paperwork flow, indeed, but she can also translate your scientific documents (from and into French, but also from German into English) or set up complexe administrative files (grant applications, residency permit applications, for instance). 

Her LinkedIn profile will tell you everything you want to know about her previous professional lives.

We like working with…

Alexandra Chabin from Dream’ality – to escape without ever leaving home

Alix Dubes, ADIPSE Sàrl – for everything related to intellectual and industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, etc.)

David Ferreira from Touche pas à mes données – for on-line security issues

Rudolf Klaus, “l’incontournable du réseautage productif” – for his “Productive Networking” workshops and events