Professionals, individuals – our services make it easier for you to manage your paperwork and your e-documents.

Why? How?

Our main goal is to enable you to concentrate on what really interests you – your core business, your daily life, fun activities – by making it easier for you to manage your business or household documents – electronic or paper.

It is not so much that we will do it for you, but rather that we will coach you in doing it by yourself.

When we help you organise and manage paper and electronic documents in your business, your household or the household of those you care for, we indeed “meddle with your stuff”. This cannot be avoided. Therefore our formal commitment to strict confidentiality is specified in our mandates’ general conditions (in French). Thus, what we see or hear at your place stays at your place. 


And practically?

We offer a range of short-term services to make it easier for you to manage your paper or e-documents. These service modules can be combined as you wish to best respond to your needs.

The organisation kit - to help you do it yourself with complete autonomy

The organisation kit comes in three versions – paper, electronic documents, or a combination thereof.

After assessing with you the current situation and your needs,

  • we elaborate a filing plan (+ naming conventions for your files where e-documents are concerned),
  • we order and install at your place the necessary material – included in the package (+ a USB-key with a folder structure for e-documents),
  • and we coach you in using your new paperwork management system with complete autonomy.

After a few weeks, we plan on a follow-up session to evaluate what needs to be adjusted.

Our tariffs provide for an express version for emergencies.

The three-month subscription - if you'd rather have us do it for you

We provide a monthly intervention (2-3 hours) at your place to do what needs to be done this day according to your priorities.

The subscription is set at three months in order to respond to your needs. You can naturally renew it with or without a break, or combine several subscriptions if you need more interventions (sliding scale tariffs).

Sorting documents by the kilo (or by the number of files) - when it is getting too much

Whether paper or electronic documents, we tackle your stacks of documents while you do what you’re really interested in.

Our tariffs vary according to the selected rendering  (simple or more elaborate, with or without file renaming) and to where the intervention takes place.

The prepay option - so you can be sure to have help when it suits you best

You know the principle – by prepaying for four interventions (2-3 hours), you will have help when you want it, concentrating the four interventions over two days or spreading them over six months – at your own pace. We will do what needs to be done according to your priorities (identical tariffs for paper and electronic documents).

The "tiny volume" option - for the occasional helping hand

Do you only need a little help every now and then for a tiny volume of paperwork? For instance, if you do not particularly like organising, taping and scanning  the famous cash register receipts needed by your accountant, we can do it for you at the flat hourly rate of CHF 100.00 HT.

The details of our services are provided here.

Our fees

We practice flat-rate billing – no bad surprise at the end of the mandate!

All of our rates are spelled out here.


We will be happy to answer your questions!